A Buyer's Perspective on Panty Trust

PK's Panty BlogThere has been a lot of news lately regarding Panty Trust’s tenth anniversary. Still, I couldn’t let their birthday week go by without adding my own “way to go”. I’ve mentioned before that like any panty sales venue owner, I appreciate Panty Trust’s work because happy and well treated buyers are good for the used panty industry and good for my business. In honor of Panty Trust’s tenth anniversary, however, I am putting aside my panty site manager hat, and have compiled a top ten list of why I, as a panty buyer, appreciate Panty Trust. Happy birthday Panty Trust! My list in no real particular order (except #1 really is a great #1) :


10. The only organization I’ve run across in 28 years of online used panty trading that exists exclusively to protect panty buyers.


9. Panty Trust independently verifies, researches, and vouches for their members for me. Before Panty Trust, buyers had to “verify” sellers themselves. Meaning by sending the seller their cash first and then waiting to see if they could “verify” that the seller actually sent something or not. With Panty Trust, I don’t have to gamble on whether I’ll actually get what I paid for.


8. They don’t recruit members. Panty sellers have to ask them for membership so I know every member had a sincere interest in bettering the used panty world and went out of their way to find and join a group that supports fair treatment of buyers.


7. Dispute resolution. If something goes wrong, I have Panty Trust to turn to. I know they’ll answer my emails, take me seriously, and the members will work on my behalf to get the problem fixed.


6.  I never see their members getting involved in the ugly, public web spats and cat fights which turn me off as a buyer.


5. I now rarely see lone panties photographed on beds. Their organization’s existence sets a bar and standard which betters the whole industry. Even non-member sellers now regularly provide panties-on proof photos and better service to buyers because Panty Trust has made buyers aware that they should expect it.


4. Every member I’ve dealt with has been very professional and organized. I have seen some panty sellers saying ” I don’t like to treat panty selling as a business”. It might be easy to see it like that when you are the one being paid. As a buyer who’s sending off his hard-earned money, however, I expect that I’ll get the item I paid for with communication and in a reasonable time. I don’t want to send my money to someone who doesn’t take the transaction and my cash seriously.


3. They refuse memberships and kick out members who screw up. This lets me know that the girls who run Panty Trust take their task of only allowing good sellers seriously and aren’t afraid to do what needs to be done to protect buyers.


2. Checks and balances. Hundreds of eyes watching all the time. I know that all Panty Trust members have to approve new members and that they all watch each other to make sure all are following their Code of Conduct. This lets me know I’m not alone when I buy from a member because I have hundreds of other panty sellers making sure I am treated right.


1. It is completely free to me as a buyer. I don’t have to do anything or pay anything to get Panty Trust’s protection. If I buy from a member, I get all the benefits of the organization’s hard work and if something did go wrong, I know I am covered by their guarantee. I can’t lose.



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