First 12 Month Sponsor Announced

A huge ?Thank You? goes out to Cindy of Panty Paradise for becoming Panty Hog?s first twelve-month sponsor. Sponsorship is typically set up on a shorter-term basis; however, Cindy opted to sponsor Panty Hog for a full year. Please be sure to help Panty Hog express our appreciation on behalf of the entire used panty community by stopping by Cindy?s site, and by saying hello the next time you see her on-line at Panty Hog.

A gift for the used panty community All sponsorship funds are deposited directly into the Panty Hog advertising and maintenance fund. In other words, a sponsor?s donation is a gift to the entire used panty community because it directly funds services for you and every other person involved with the panty fetish.


While Cindy?s sponsorship of one year in advance was unexpected and will be put to great use, sponsorship opportunities exist for as short as 30 days. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please follow the link in the ?site sponsors? section shown on the far right of the page.


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