AngelinaHi there! My name is Angelina from I am so happy to have been nominated for a golden panty award, and would like to thank anyone who has voted for me!

I am at college studying for a french site helps me pay for my rent and any extras i may need. I feel so lucky to be able to do something which i enjoy so much and earn money from it. I really enjoy knowing that i am providing so many of you men folk out there with sexual satifaction!

In the last year I have branched out to offer an online slave/mistress service which is very succesful. I have always had a dominant personality and this gives me chance to vent it! Again many thanks for the nomination!
Love Angelina xxxxxxx

Nominated By: Dirt Dweller:

" Yes, I know – PHWOOAAAR!!!  You?re suddenly Benny Hill and I?m Bob Todd.  But I?m not Bob Todd, I am Dirt Dweller.  Hello!

I was very pleased to discover the existence of this community on the web, and from the moment that I perceived nominations were being voiced for GOLDEN PANTY AWARDS, I knew that I had to nominate my Mistress (once I had asked her permission of course) who, I can proudly say, is the beautiful Mistress Angelina.   

She is eighteen, or nineteen, years old (I don?t dare ask personal questions unless I fancy rubbing toothpaste into my testicles), and I have been enjoying her school panties and socks for about four months.  In this time I have been at every single moment treated to a service that has been second to none.  Furthermore I have been absolutely amazed at just how keen she has been to furnish me with full satisfaction as regards to all my interests, interests that relate to a diverse number of her bodily excretions.  She has ?produced?, if you pardon the pun, no matter how obscure, or downright disgusting, this has become.

She is well read, incredibly imaginative, and seems, to me, to have an innate or learned ability to judge and respond to the rhythms of psycho-drama, to perfection:  She knows just when to prod, just when to coax, just when to punish, and just when to reward, if you know what I mean.

All her orders, another pun, are sent out with a handwritten note that is personalised for the panty-slave.  Her word, to me and to other men who I am in contact with, is Law, and I know that I will speak for them when I say that she is so very, very worthy of receiving a Golden Panty Award for all her services, in 2005, to so many happy customers and panty slaves.  Please read their comments at the website guestbook or please email me if you need any more reason or justification for voting for my beloved Mistress.  Maybe I?ll meet you on the campaign trail. 

I?m sure I have forgotten something, on account of the fact that I am a pathetic slave, so please take pity on me and help me avoid punishment by voting for Mistress Angelina, every day. 

I thank you all, Dirt Dweller "  [email protected]


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