ChandieWooHoo! At the risk of sounding cheesy I’m really surprised to have received
this nomination. And thrilled at the same time! I’m a mere panty selling upstart compared to some of the nominees and I’m incredibly pleased to have been recognized like this.

So… where to begin? Well I started my aromatic undie adventure almost a year ago as a terrified and excited newbie on Ebanned. I spent forever putting my first auction together and taking the photos, and was absolutely ecstatic when the item sold for about $10! The buzz I got from knowing someone wanted my panties was amazing and I was hooked :o)

I carried on selling on there for a while and the obvious next step was to put my web experience to work and build my own site, The site takes up a lot of my free time, and I’m constantly trying to improve it and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to use.

I love this naughty side of my life. I’ve made some great friends and I love making my clients happy. It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction, and a genuine erotic thrill when one of you lets me know how much you enjoyed one of my packages.

So there you go. A vote for me means another great reason for me to carry on doing this. To know that what I do is appreciated just makes me want to carry on striving to give all you hamper hounds the best panty experience I possibly can!

Chandie xxx

Nominated By InternationalManofMystery:

 "As a customer of Chandie’s I would love to nominate her for the award. All her products are good, but I was very impressed by her kindness. I was so amazed at the care and kindness shown by this young lady who e-mailed me within minutes to thank me for placing an order. She e-mailed again when I got it ,she genuinely wanted to know if I was completely satisfied with the service. After all this, she then asked me if she could do anything more for me. This sort of care in today’s world is so very rare, but so nice to get! Best of luck Chandie!"

Second Nomination by Dave:

" I would like to nominate & or vote for Chandie as she gives exceptional after sales service, you are not just a "number" or "buyer" (well you are i suppose) but she does not forget you, she really gives value for money when in this day & age its so easy for people to rip you off, but I’ve found a good one in Chandie & can’t rate her highly enough, ive bought several pairs of her georgous panties + vids & im not planning on stopping, cos "when you find somthing good you dont lose it" & if that dosent stand her in good stead read her feedback I’ve yet to see a bad one.
                        Yours truthfully
                             Dave "


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