Cindy - Golden Panty award Nominee!WOW! What can I say apart from thank you for the nominations for this years awards. Despite me being not so actively part of the panty industry as a whole over this past year, I still have maintained my site 100 percent and given all my love and dedication into everything I do for my buyers and also my wonderful fellow sellers. Even during my summer holidays I took time out to reply to emails. Wink

I am not too sure what else to write here as almost all of you know me pretty well – and personally too. 😉  However, I would like to say that even though I have decided to slow my site up next year, I am honestly not packing it up altogether. I really truly do enjoy what I do far too much to do that. 

Even if I don't walk away with the Golden Panty Award this year, just to be nominated for this and many other different categories means to so much to me and shows that I am truly appreciated. That makes me feel so good inside.
One thing I can say for sure is that the panty world finally has some outstanding sellers *YAY* and each and every prize awarded this year to those wonderful sellers will be undoubtedly deserved.

Love Cinders x


Nominated for the following categories:

Panty Seller of the Year, Best web site, Best blog, Best packaging, Best personality, Most helpful to new sellers, Friendliest to new buyers, Best breasts


Nominated by:


Cindy should get all categories she is fun kind considerate her site is well presented well run the packing is clean discreet secure what more can I say?

Cindy's website looks great – it is very colourful and has a lot of different things happening on it.Cindy's items are always packaged extremely well and the package looks excellentCindy is a really lovely person who does her utmost to please

Cindy's panties are just incredible



Since I have known Cindy,she has always made anyone feel comfortable on visiting her web site someway. Not to long ago, she added a link that would take you on a journey into "Cindy's World" ( her Blog )where you can catch yourself up on different parts of her life better! You can enter a post if you wish as well as read what others might have commented on. Most of the time, she always includes a picture of some kind along with her entry and being the type of person I am, I have a file of "Cindy" saved on my computer! Cindy always seems to have that special touch that keeps people coming back not only for enjoyment reasons, but,just to see how she might have added something that makes people more interested to know more about her! ( she's such a sweet girl and even makes one wish that they were able to hug the stuffings out of her for many, many reasons just for being so sweet ) So in conclusion, Cindy made it known that she is going into semi retirement and its nice to know that the girl is still touching hearts to this day with all her lovely ways! I wish her the very best as she now is moving forward in her life to touch others lives! Cindy might be getting herself involved in another pathroad of her life, but ,she has not given up that special love of her life we have all feel in love over completely and will always see that its under control as well! In short, checkout her site and read her Blog and you will see just how beautiful one dear soul can be to have as a friend! ( I speak for many here when I say that your not only loved, but appreciated for giving us the opportunity to call you friend ) Thank You Cindy!!!

Cindy is a true sweetheart in everyway one could imagine! Her charming ways are just 'Priceless' and you can tell that she believes in what she does 100%! ( if not, more ) Getting a message on your computer from her is like receiving a 'Big Hug' from her and if one places any order from her, you just know that she will provide you with that 'love' of hers that keeps ya coming back for another 'dose of love'!!! Cindy has made it clear to us that she is going into semi retirement, but her heart is as big as the world! She has touched a lot of people in her life and I feel really privileged to be in that number! In conclusion, Cindy will always be loved by those of us that have been blessed by her someway and I feel that you owe something back to the girl that puts her heart and soul into what she does to help make this world we live in a more beautiful place to call our home! In short, Cindy is one of the best friends that one could ever have and her ways are something that you never/ever can forget!!! Cindy Rocks!!!

Cindy is a sweetheart! She packs her packages with the same love she puts into the products she sells and seems really passionate about her work as well! Wonderful lady to have as a friend! ( get to know her folks, you never/ever will be the same ) 🙂

Even though Cindy has announced that s he is going into semi-retirement, this girl has touched a lot of people and has a special way of not only sending out her packages but, enjoys her work 100%. In my book, Cindy Rocks over anyone and deserves to be rewarded for the work she has done and continues to do!!! 🙂


Cindy is one of the best ladies that anyone will be able to find anywhere on the internet today! Her packaging is almost as good as the things she includes within them! I have ordered from her and felt really comfortable knowing it is in good hands. Cindy is not only dedicated to pleasing herself but, is dedicated to pleasing all of her clients at the same time! (This girl is awesome) Any person that comes in contact with her is change in the way that only is better and brighter! Cindy seems to have allot of 'Love' in her heart and cares so dearly about other peoples lives as much. ( she has touched allot of people in her life just by sharing back a little extra love that they have forgotten about or just simply didn't feel for some reason ) Sure, Cindy is attractive and an eye catcher, but getting to know the girl some is 'priceless' and it’s something that you will not forget for the rest of your days! When I receive my order from Cindy, it’s wrapped with that 'finishing love' that’s within her that always seems to be a 'drawing card' for a return order! The way she seals up your order and kisses it with her lips ,makes one feel so 'special' to her as it goes to its location! In short, nobody or no other person can compare to all the 'love' Cindy puts into her work and she has made this world of ours more beautiful by sharing some of her lovely ways that continue to make her such a sweet/loveable girl that's worth the price of 'gold' in and of itself anytime!!! 🙂 Well, I have a story about this site that happens to be on Cindy's web site to this day and nothing has really changed since that time, except for knowing a little more about her! Cindy is quite a person and has made such an 'impact' on me in the time I have known her! Her Website makes one feel so comfortable visiting and any question(s) you are faced with, can be addressed to her with such ease. She will get around to answering you right down to your sentence and when she does, it feels so wonderful knowing that this girl is dedicated to not only pleasing you, but pleasing herself! Any order that she receives from anyone is given that 'Cindy T.L.C.' and you can relax because you know it’s in 'good hands'! I wish I would have found Cindy sooner than I have, but I have found her now and I haven't been sorry about it and everyday is such a pleasure knowing this girl is very much alive in this world of ours just making it so much more better to go through life and to top it off, knowing that anyone she comes into contact with, will never be the same! (Ever) In short, Cindy is one of the best friends that anyone could have and it’s a pleasure to know her in this world of ours that’s so crazy anymore! (She’s such a 'special/dear' soul)Cindy's personality just leaves one scratching their head! From the very first email message I have received from this girl, she has blown me away with how she is! (She always finds something to say that turns a frown upside down and by the time you have finished reading any of her messages, you are not the same as you were before you have read them) Cindy is one loyal girl and a true friend that has touched several people (I’m sure) and it’s a pleasure to be her friend as well! 🙂



Though there are many lovely ladies on panty hog it is easy for me to pick a winner. Cindy not only supplies wonderful products but the way she packages items is a joy for all buyers. Why is she the best ? she shows so much care and kindness to all her clients ,and even without placing an order she still keeps in touch, just to make sure you are ok. This young lady now is a very dear friend and a wonderful human being. Many Thanks Cindy. …Jazzy…

I think all the ladies here do a wonderful job and are great fun on the site, but when it comes to that little bit extra i have to nominate Cindy. All her products are of the highest standard and are gift wrapped better even than Harrods. What makes Cindy special is her care and kindness towards all of her clients, everyone of us feels special. Even when you are not buying from Cindy she will keep in touch purely as a friend and not a salesperson. I have had many highs and lows and always find being in touch with Cindy has been a blessing to me and i can't thank her enough. I do love all the ladies here but Cindy has got to be my No 1. Best wishes to all the ladies for the contest and seasons greetings to all for Christmas. xxx Jazzy


When Cindi's package arrived it took me 5 mins just to open the outer package! But boy was it worth it, the knickers were enclosed in two zip lock plastic bags, but even better was the face that even before she placed them in them, they were wrapped in tissue paper. When i finely wrapped then, the scent filled the room and her knickers were still damp!


Despite winning last year's award Cindy has never rested on her laurels and has always helped and recommended up and coming new sellers (me included). Cindy is incredibly generous, warm hearted and very helpful to other sellers and buyers whether new or experienced. The perfect ambassador for the panty community.



I believe that Cindy at panty paradise should again be nominated for seller of the y ear 2006 because she is a totally honest and reliable seller and always tells the truth and really approachable by everybody, I have known her over a year and a half as a customer and for a long time now as a friend as well as a truly lovely woman who deserves every one appreciation not just by men but women as well she really loves what she does so much and tries her utmost to please as many people as possible. Her panties are great and well presented and sexily packed inside the padded envelope, although lives in Germany now only takes about 2 days. I happy really happy with her as a seller and made a great friend as well must respect goes out to her and she also has a big following so everyone who has either bought from her or taken a big interest in her goodies should nominate her again. Nominated by victor (Vickie) x





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