Add story help

To add a new story please follow these steps. You might want to use the PDF or print icons on the right upper part of this page to print these directions.

1. Login
2. Select"Add Story/Blog Entry" from your user menu
3. Complete the form to create a story. For the contest, type "Chapter 2" as the story title, type "My entry" for the description, and leave "Never Ending Story…" as the selected suggested location. 
4. Click the floppy disk icon to save. You'll then get a page saying your story was saved. Click on "click here to go back".
5. Click on the add chapter icon (book with X)
6. Click on "chapters" tab
7. Click add chapter icon again  (book with X)
8. Fill out form. For the contest, type "Chapter 2", type your chapter title, type your summary.
9. Click the "Text and Images" tab
10. Use the uploader to upload a text version of your chapter that is saved on your computer, or copy and paste/ compose your chapter right there on line.
11. Click the floppy disk icon to save.

Your story/chapter/entry is now on line!


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