Anna - Golden Panty Award NomineeYay!
 I am so pleased to be nominated for a category in this year's Golden Panty Award. Just think, back in March this year I joined Panty Hog and nervously read all those posts and threads wondering if I'd ever pluck up the courage to post anything or if I'd ever feel like part of the panty family. Now look at me. You can't shut me up!

As it so often happens I soon became embroiled with panty scandals and shenanigans and before long I think everyone knew who I was, some liked me, some hate me, some became very, very good friends who have supported me so well through the tough times, making me laugh or sticking up for me. I'm very pleased to be a part of the community and I will continue to help wherever I can. Whether it is helping other sellers re-size pics, advising new sellers to make the most of their assets, being a moderator on Panty Hog or providing some saucy pics on my blog or in my gallery. Gosh, has it only been 10 months!
 Without wanting to make this sound like some sort of Oscar's acceptance speech I want to say a big thank you to Jess (for building my site and offering technical support), Cindy (for helping with my site security) and PK (for putting up with me) because without their initial support, help and of course their support and help through some of the sticky times I probably would have given up a long time ago.
 Oh and of course big hugs and kisses for all those lovely guys who have taken a chance and ordered some sticky panties from a new seller.
 So here is to the Second Golden Panty Awards! Yoo-hoo.
 PS Vote for Anna! After the year she has had, she deserves it. Mwah


Nominated for the following categories:

Best new seller, Best panty packaging, Best breasts, Best blog, Most helpful to new sellers, Best butt, Best panty mistress



Nominated by:


Very few blogs appeal to me, however Anna's is a blog I regularly visit. She only w rites when she has something important to say, which therefore makes for very interesting reading! Anna often makes me giggle with her razor sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humour, and keeps us all entertained with free pics, funny stories and the exposure of fake sellers. Anna has taken a lot of stick from these fakes (and other nutjobs!) from things she has written in her blog, and I admire her 100% for this as it proves she will do all she can to protect buyers.

I think Anna has the perfect figure combined with the perfect attitude. Like me she is not 'thin', but she embraces her stunning figure and thank god she does! I have chosen her boobs in particular as they are deliciously big and voluptuous and are the part of her that I am most jealous of!


Anna is the best all around web girl who builds relationships easily with her great personality, prettiest pussy, best bum and awesome large breasts. To top it off…the most prettiest face. Sincerely, Rob


Anna is always there to help newbies within PH with any problems they may have.

Anna has a wonderful blog, not just about every day life, but fun too. Also through her blog you get to know who the fake sellers are. She is a great benefit the world of used panties sellers & buyers


Anna is a real character, from the moment you make contact with her, she mak es you feel welcome and appreciated. Full of spunk and an attention to detail, that instantly draws you in to her. She will always go the extra few inches to make you feel at ease. A very likeable personality indeed. Probably good marriage material, but as I have not known her really for that long, this would be more a feeling than an observation. Anna is very obviously the focal point for an online community, and with her humorous outlook on life and all things “panty”, I think that she enlightens a lot of peoples lives. With a cracking arse as well, definitely a winning combination.


Anna should be nominated for Best Butt – every time I see a pic of her peachy bum, it makes me want to get my squirty cream out *wink* 

Anna should be nominated for Panty Mistress. She is one hot Domme and a very professional panty seller. She takes no crap from anyone and she is not afraid to speak her mind, openly and honestly!

 Nick Anna is an extremely friendly and helpful seller. I have ordered from her and have found her very reliable and she keeps me informed if there is a problem in getting me the items I have ordered. From the pictures on her website and blog she is a very attractive lady with exceptional breasts. A look at her blog will confirm what I have said. I thoroughly recommend her.





Great Lady,Lovely Panties,The best panty packa ging that I have had and lovely letters.

Great Lady Lovely Eyes, Lovely, Body, Lovely Breasts.

Lady Anna has been a great new seller; she is really helpful to not only her customers but also to new sellers… just can’t say enough of her. A mistress and a friend. Intelligent (just check her blog), feisty, beautiful and naughty all rolled into one! Guys don’t forget her for the awards! Her ass is so lovely and her boobs pure perfection! I feel it is my humble duty to nominate her for the awards




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