Hi, I am Cindy from and firstly I would just to like to say a massive "Thank you" for this nomination!

I am half French but born in the UK, so with me you get an English Rose with a Kinky European French Flair.

I am 34 summers old and have been selling my worn intimates for years – actually since the web was still very new.  Over the last few years I taught myself HTML and built up my own website by myself, which I thoroughly enjoy! I have been blessed with "meeting" many truly beautiful people, which I would have never have had the chance to do so was it not for my site.

Running my panty site is my only job and one that I find extremely satisfying, not just because I get to pleasure myself at every given opportunity, but I feel I am giving so much pleasure to others and that makes me feel very complete and wholesome as a person.

I am a very experienced and genuine panty seller, and am passionate about every client I encounter and every item I prepare.  As for competition from other sellers, I feel there is none.  Every girl selling their items is very different from the next. We are all unique in every single way, which makes panty selling something very personal and special between both, a buyer and a seller.

I absolutely love what I do with all my heart, and I hope that I will be in this business for many, many years to come!

My Good Points:
Non Judgemental
..and a Hedonist 😉

My Naughty Points:
Pernickety (I like things "just so")
Very dry sense of humour and sarcastic under given circumstances
Perfectionist – I will sit up til 4am working on something until its right!
I can never sit still and drive everyone around me crazy with my "get up and go"
…and yep, also a Hedonist (anytime, anywhere doesn’t always work when you’re out shopping!)  🙂

Nominated by: H_D:

"Cindy is one of the best used panty sellers I have ever come across, she is genuine, friendly, helpful and nothing is too much trouble for her. She answers emails politely and actively tries to find out exactly what a customer wants, she is very concerned about satisfying buyers and I’m sure that gets taken advantage of by some, however, she never hits at anything in her communication with clients. Her enthusiasm and genuine concern for clients desires comes across in every email she sends out to us buyers.

Her attention to detail in preparing and packaging her products is second to none. Small details like the silk tissue wrapping with a personal kiss just makes her unique and makes the receiving of an order that much more personal. I have been buying from Cindy for well over two years now, and I know that many other sellers offer the wrapping in silk paper with a kiss on it, but I also know that Cindy was the first to do this. Panty Paradise is a site that is always a joy to visit, it is constantly being developed and changed and never gets a chance to become stale. It keeps people interested to see what changes are going to be made next.

I notice on Panty Hog, she is one of the main people to offer advice to new sellers and anyone asking questions etc She never seems to hit out at people needlessly and has a great deal of patience with posters, something learned from her dealing with customers I’m sure. Her posts are sincere and knowledgeable and helpful, and her witty comments are always a source of laughter.

In short, Cindy is my number one seller and, I believe, the number one of many others. She deserves recognition for all that she does. If you aren’t sure, then visit her site and see for yourself, read her posts and articles on Panty Hog.

H_D (HornDog)"

Nomination Seconded By StereoFriend:

" I nominate Cindy of PantyParadise as well! This girl is simply amazing at everything she does! She has that "Extra Touch" that many people don’t have anymore and if you order anything from this girl, you can feel so comfortable because its in "Good Hands"! 

I have done some ordering from Cindy and whenever a package arrives in the mail from her, I know that she has taken time to make it just right! The care that she does is so Awesome and the item that was in the package has been done with "Pure Love"! ( its a nice touch that she wraps her things in paper and sealed with her kisses )

Cindy, seems like quite a lady and she will touch your life someway when you mail her and order from her, so much in fact, you will return time and time again till the end of your days!

I look at it like this, Cindy gives so much of herself ( she’s a busy girl ) but cares so much about her clients happiness , its nice to be able to give her something in return for all the work she has done to help brighten the world we are all a part of!

Still leery, checkout her web site and read some articles that are around her site and if you still are in doubt, you can always send her an email message and I guarantee that she will make you a believer after you read anyone of the messages that you receive from her and consider voting for her as well! "


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