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Fetish Kitten - Golden Panty Award NomineeHey guys, I just want to say a big thank you to the friends and customers that nominated me, and even though you are very naughty for doing so I love you to pieces. I’m stunned that I’m up against some people that I think are really fab, and I hope everyone takes the time to vote for their girls after their fantastic work and effort all this year! I’m happy to even be nominated. (But if you like me then I wont say no to a vote either!)

I’m an educated and intelligent pink/red haired English girl, 5ft 3, pierced and curvy with soft and pale skin.  I used to be the manager of a porn shop, but now I’m a photographer’s assistant part-time and panty seller full-time and fetish kitten hehe.

I’ve been on PH for 5 months and have been selling a little longer, and though I don’t have a web site yet I sell here, on my blog and on ebare. I’ve got a wonderful small group of regulars that I adore, I love getting to know more about the people I send my panties to, because it allows me to send them exactly what they want. (And lets me send little surprises to them I just know they’ll love!)

I’m a believer in sexual rights, freedom and liberation, so I love encouraging people to follow their desires and to not be afraid to express themselves.  I’ll help out where I can finding information and general moral support, from sharing fantasies, starting Blogs, helping Sissies to be proud and girlie, and always being honest with the people.

The other part I love is hearing how happy or aroused my panties have made someone, something I love doing and the effort I’ve gone to is being enjoyed.  Going shopping to find the right silk panties for the squirting fan, something frilly for the guys that like to wear them, or the perfect pair of high heels for a photo. I love posing in fishnets and lace panties, which are coming back into fashion along with the art of the tease… any of my regulars will tell you its something I’m am very much a natural at *grins*…that and being a chatterbox.  Anything more you can feel free to come and chat to me about, I’m open to requests, feel free to ask.




Nominated for the following categories:

Best new seller, Best butt, Best personality, Best auction seller UK


Nominated by:


Having just met this girl, I have found her to be a very obliging person, her goods are top quality and she is a very sexy woman. She has the most sexiest bum I have seen and she is always keen to chat with her customers.


I met Kitten on UPW and she immediately came across as a fun, confident and beautiful person. I've purchase d 3 pairs from her and each time got not just the panties but also a note with lipstick kiss and some gorgeous photos. She really contributes to the community with her wit and charm. Basically – I'm smitten!


Keziah spoils us with tonnes of pics of her beautiful body, and her bum is definitely her best as set! I think she is the hottest panty seller on here, she has a deliciously petite figure with a beautiful big round ass – just the way a girl should be!

Keziah provides panty pervs with LOTS of gorgeous pictures, and is very friendly, approachable and hugely easy to talk to which I think will put any nervous buyer at ease. Plus she looks amazing and is very different to most other sellers.


From a sissy’s point of view, this wonderful woman knows how t o make a fantastic package, with little added touches that make it so much more personnel. From a purely panty buying side, the panties are well packaged, to ensure freshness upon arrival.Just one look at some of her photos will leave you 100% certain that this wonderfully sexy lady has the most gorgeous bum.


I have won a few of FetishKitten auctions and every time i have been very happy with my wins.
Her listing are not only wonderful but fun too. She puts a great deal into all her listing on ebare and in a very short time has become well known within the ebare world.


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