Molly - Golden Panty Award Nominee!First, I want to say I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for a 2nd year.  Truly exciting stuff!  Now for the “nitty gritty” on me:

I'm Molly (aka "Glittergirljo" and "Red") I have been an active panty peddler for about 5 years now.  It’s amateur, fun, yet professional, hardly updated like it should be, but it's mine and I dig it (and other people tell me it isn’t so bad either).  As a wee babe, I lived in a trailer park, and even though I left that singlewide with gold shag carpet behind, I still enjoy all things trashy – whether it's dressing slutty to spend a night out with the girls, cussin’ like a sailor, or rubbin' one off in my panties for a fan, it's all good! You'd never know I was raised a good little Catholic girl, and that I had 12 years of a private school education on top of it!  I was very sheltered, and very shy! (and still very shy in person).


Things that make me happy: Shiny stuff. Silver, Black, Red stuff. Purses. Coats. Shoes. (I'm such a girl, aren't I?) Dick. Boobies. Def Leppard. Animal Print Stuff. The 80's. Bubble Baths. Wifebeater Tanks. Flannel Sheets.  Fuzzy Kittens.  Family (not so much the crazy, drama-laden members though). Good friends. Fast cars (Go #48). Horror flicks (I love zombie movies). Captain Morgans & Coke.  Things that bug the crap outta me: Cell phones. Kids.  Rush Hour.  Crowds. Waiting in lines. Sales people. Celebrities. Liars. Laziness. Smoking. Morning Talkers.  Spam (no, I don’t have a penis!) People that will do anything for a buck. Dishonesty. Hopefully I haven’t put you to sleep. If you want to know more or sniff my butt, you can always visit my website, or drop me an email.   That being said, THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that had a hand in these nominations, and to Panty Hog for putting together a stellar place for all of us.   Happy Holidays!



Nominated for the following categories:

Seller of the Year, Best breasts, Best web site, Prettiest pussy, Best auction listings USA 


Nominated by:


She always puts a little extra in every order that she fill for me. The other people I have dealt with do not come close to the service I receive from her.


She is beautiful and gorgeous and attractive and the most beautiful woman on God's green earth.


Jo has an awesome body!



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