Panty Hog Content Submission Guidelines

Submit Used Panty ContentThe great thing about Panty Hog is that everyone; used panty seller, used panty buyer, panty related webmaster, visitor, etc., is invited and encouraged to submit content. We want your news, promos, announcements, site news, blogs, press releases, stories, rants, raves, ideas, and anything at all related to the panty fetish!

Submitting something is easy. If you don?t have an account yet, just click ?create an account? in the log in box along the left side of the main page. Once you?ve created your account you will be upgraded from registered to author (usually within an hour or so). Then just log in, click submit news or newsflash from your user menu, and you?ll be taken to a form with an html editor. Type in, or copy and paste in what you want to say, choose a category, and make a few selections as to how you want your submission to be displayed, click ?save?, and it is automatically sent to the Panty Hog editor to be posted on the front page of Panty Hog.

We?ve had some questions regarding preferred format, so we?ve developed a few guidelines, suggestions, and FAQs related to article or content submission. Please read them before submitting written content to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your item displayed.

Content Related Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does every submission get equal display on the front page?

A. Yes. Unless you request other wise, your item will be shown on the front page. Items are shown in order of submission. In other words, your item will initially be shown as the lead #1 piece on the Panty Hog front page. As other articles are added, they bump down the next newest article. Eventually, your piece may leave the front page, but it is still found in the related section accessed by the main menu (news, interview, etc.). There is no time limit imposed on front page display. Your piece?s time there depends on the frequency of submissions after yours has been posted. Of course, you can always submit a new piece, and it will go right to first place.

Q. Are there restrictions on what can be submitted?

A. No, as long as it is relevant to the panty fetish community and deals with legal adults, we?ll be happy to add it to Panty Hog.

Q. Do some users get preffered display of their submissions? Some users have a couple of news items on the front page at once.

A. No, items appear on the site as they are submitted. If someone has several news items showing, it is because they submitted them. You?re welcome to do exactly the same.

Submission Format Suggestions

1. Choose 10 or 11 point Arial font for the body of your writing to match the Panty Hog site. Headlines should be in propotion.

2. Add a photo! A photo really is worth a thousand words, and we all like to see who is writing.

3. Instead of spelling out a web page URL, highlight a name or descriptive word and use the link command in the editor to link the highlighted text to the page.

4. Choose ?open in new window? from the add link choices.

5. Email us if you need any help!

Suggestions For Writing a Press Release or Announcement

1. Keep it factual. Outlandish claims are hurt your credibility in the panty community!

2. Headline – Be creative.?One sentence. Use proper title case, capitalizing every word except for the following: of, it, the, a, an, from ?

3. First Paragraph- get reader attention here. A strong introductory paragraph should cover who, what, when, where, why and how.

4. Bottom paragraph- let people know how to get additional information, contact you, or visit your site or auctions.

5. Add a photo within the body if related.

Happy writing! As always, email us if you ever have questions or need help!


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